BPA First Novel Award, PitchWars, and More

Hello! It’s past time for another horribly belated blog post. Sense a theme on this blog? But I actually do have various updates to share. Spoiler: I’m not even going to share all of the updates in one blog post, because this is overly long as is. Please visit again for more news. Right, soContinue reading “BPA First Novel Award, PitchWars, and More”

PitchWars Update

I don’t know how we’ve reached February already, but it’s nearly PitchWars showcase eve, and I thought to do a well overdue blog update. I’d like to say I’ve been channeling those wordlings into revising my manuscript under Gwynne Jackson’s fantastic mentoring. The last three months have flown since the announcements were made in earlyContinue reading “PitchWars Update”