Woodward’s BabyImpossible Archetype (Aug 2021, Issue 10)

The UngirlingPlenitude (Apr 2021)

How the Wild Things Self-IdentifyImpossible Archetype (Mar 2021, Issue 9)

tart, slither, the things you left behind, do you remember? – The CoINSPIRATOR: 2019  Anthology of the Bent Mast Poets, Bull Kelp Books (November 2019)

certain dark things – Infernal Ink (October 2019)

The Curation of Ghosts Impossible Archetype (March 2019)

we regret to inform youAnti-Heroin Chic (March 2019)

unravellingP.S. I Love You (February 2019)

a little more Lit Up (December 2017)

cherry blossom skies Medium

sea dreamsMedium

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