BPA First Novel Award, PitchWars, and More

Hello! It’s past time for another horribly belated blog post. Sense a theme on this blog? But I actually do have various updates to share. Spoiler: I’m not even going to share all of the updates in one blog post, because this is overly long as is. Please visit again for more news. Right, soContinue reading “BPA First Novel Award, PitchWars, and More”


Here on the west coast of Canada, we don’t do winter well. Especially in Victoria, which is a safehouse for Canadians fleeing winter across the land. But this year, we’ve had a full on winter with real snow and black ice and snow shoveling and all the rest. I even sprained my wrist after aContinue reading “Snowpocalypse”

2017 Brings New (Writing) Adventures

Happy New Year! Best wishes to everyone for a great 2017 and plenty of writing and reading time too. For me, 2017 is a big year starting with all kinds of new things, after a tough 2016. First thing for me in January is moving to a different city, and starting a new job, whichContinue reading “2017 Brings New (Writing) Adventures”

The Galloping Consumption + NaNoWriMo 2016

I had the best of intentions for NaNoWriMo this year: I had the outline ready for book 2 for my Professor Justin Fintry series, plus most of my background prep in order. After a very busy summer of physio and such things, I was more than ready to set into some first draft writing. WhatContinue reading “The Galloping Consumption + NaNoWriMo 2016”