pwlogo-homeLots of things have been happening in all directions this autumn, including PitchWars! On November 3rd, 2019, the 2019 PitchWars mentees were announced. I am over the moon to have been selected by Gwynne Jackson as my mentor. It’s pretty much taken me the month of November to get over the shock and nagging imposter syndrome.

I chose Gwynne because not only is she incredibly positive and encouraging, but she was keen on adult fiction LGBTQ stories and a romance writer. She was open to a variety of genres to mentor. So much in her wishlist resonated with me. I wanted her help with building up the strong romantic subplot in my novel, which is at it’s core about found family. The premise: When an archaeology student loses his family, he looks to the ancient world to find a way to live again.

For the next couple of months, I’m head down on edits on my novel ‘How to Bury the Living’ to polish it up for an agent showcase in February. Which, I have to say, is pretty cool. But the coolest part of all for me is working with Gwynne, who is fantastic, and getting mentored in how to approach edits and to meet schedules on said edits. We were interviewed recently for PitchWars and you can find out more about us and my novel here.

Gwynne’s feedback has been amazing, along with her encouragement. And she’s fun on Twitter too. Together, we’re #TeamRebelCats because between us, apparently we have a lot of house lions.

Last but not least, the great PitchWars community is a huge too. There’s lots of encouragement and support behind the scenes as we tackle our revisions in a short window of time. Writing’s tough and isolating at times, so it’s great to have support all around from other writers. That’s the real win.


Published by Hugh Blackthorne


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