Skeleton Key and Other Autumn 2016 News


Despite being convinced that I have the galloping consumption, I’ve been busy behind the scenes working on various projects. So here’s the round up for the last little while:

My flash fiction story Skeleton Key (1,500 words) was published by the Scottish Book Trust over the summer. I’m still very pleased about that.

My novelette A Modern Education (13,500 words) received an Honourable Mention in the Writers’ of the Future Contest (Vol. 33, Q.4).  I’m now working on some more updates on the story. It’s a backstory with Professor Fintry set in the early 1990s with his wayward nine-year-old son. Spiderman and the Fae may be involved.

I’m still in the throes of revisions on the first novel of the Professor Fintry series. I started the second novel for NaNoWriMo, but I think that the chest infection is winning for now, so I may take a break and get back to this next month. Perhaps some more reading time for me lies ahead…

I also solemnly do vow to update this blog more regularly. Bad, bad writer. 🙂

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