Thanks for visiting my new website! Here you can find news about my writing and related adventures. And also the continuing adventures of a certain Professor Justin Fintry that some of you have been hearing about, especially on my Twitter.

I’m in the midst of writing my current novel, The Problem with Goblins, about one his adventures… or possibly misadventures. I’m not telling.

And if you’re curious to learn a little more about Professor Fintry, I’ve got a Q+A session with him here while I’m working away on the novel.

I’m going to put in a good effort during Camp NaNo this spring to finish the first draft by the end of May 2016. Yes. I’ve made a writing commitment!

Then there’ll be all sorts of revisions. As one does.

I’ll update this site with news and my own adventures with this novel and series of stories about Professor Fintry. I’ll also post news about my shorter works. Perhaps you’ll even get a bit of archaeology related stuff too. 😉

I’m also working on newsletter with news about my writing and such that will come out 3-4 times a year.

Please look around and thanks for visiting!

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