2019 Update

If only this was my top secret writing lair. Let’s pretend it is.

Admittedly, I’m well behind on updating my blog. But it’s not all bad news… instead, I’ve been working away on various writing projects in a top secret location.

2019 has brought some exciting things for writing amid the chaos.

I’ve had three poems published this past spring. The first piece is unravelling at PS I Love You (February 2019). The second piece is we regret to inform you, at Anti-Heroin Chic (March 2019). The third piece is The Curation of Ghosts at Impossible Archetype (March 2019). I’ve also learned that apparently intermission at the ballet is a great time for me to write poetry. Soo, more ballet next season?

On the fiction front, even more exciting news: my latest (unpublished) novel has been longlisted for the 2019 Bath Novel Award. Since judging is blind, I can’t reveal the title yet, but I’m amazed to have been included in such good company. It’s been great fun following updates on Twitter, including teasers about the novels ahead of the longlist and shortlist. Stay tuned.

There’s other cool things ahead this autumn that I can’t speak about yet, but eventually I will have some more updates from September.

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