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My current novel, The Problem With Goblins, is in progress.  Read more about my story below…


JF digging


Old Professor Fintry isn’t quite what he seems in a world of rising magic that fights with technology. When cornered by his archaeology and magic students to tell a story about a real encounter with magic, he reluctantly gives in. Everyone’s excited to listen in instead of reading aloud as usual from musty textbooks in their tutorial. But the story told wasn’t what what any of them expected to hear.

Back in the 1960s, Professor Fintry was called to solve a a goblin problem in Tanzania, East Africa. A small problem grew. And grew. Not a proud moment for the esteemed Professor. But in retelling the story in the present day, he’s drawn back into unfinished business – and he has to stop the goblins, once and for all, before it’s too late.

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